Saturday, April 8, 2017

Pililla Windmill Farm View

This is a video of Pililla Windmill Farm, a view along the highway of Brgy. Bugarin, Pililla, Rizal.
This is the second time that I passed by the Windmill farm and they're easy to locate.

They're already visible from Antipolo, the zigzag road going down Teresa and from Binangonan, the road going down Cardona. Once you've reached Tanay, just follow the road going to Siniloan - Quezon, and not the road going to Jala-jala.

The main entrance of the windmill farm for public has signage and some notices about DENR or government compliance.

Good news is, it's still has no entrance free. It says so on a sign on main entrance that says, "We Impose No Entrance Fee".

That's all, keep safe, and enjoy your trip.

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