Friday, January 22, 2016

Olympus µ[mju:]

The Olympus µ[mju:] and Fujicolor YKL film
The Olympus µ[mju:] or in US, the Infinity Stylus, is a fully automatic 35mm compact camera released by Olympus in 1991. Evolved design from Olympus XA by designer Maitani Yoshihisa. The camera is very small, designed to fit in one hand.

Earlier MJU was built in Japan and later, some were assembled in China (mostly marked with µ[mju:]-1) with Japanese-made parts.

The camera accepts standard 35mm standard DX coded film. ISO is automatically set by the camera by reading DX code on film canister.

Lens is Olympus lens 35mm F3.5, 3 elements in 3 groups. Some say it is a Zuiko lens, similar to Olympus XA lenses.

Viewfinder is an active type viewfinder type 0.4X with autofocus frame in the middle, close-up or parallax correction marks; LED flash indicator, and LED AF indicator at the right side.

Focusing is an active type multi-beam autofocus system  with 100-steps for a huge range of distances. Focus lock possible with this camera (focus and recompose technique). Focusing range is 0.35 m (1.1 ft.) to infinity.

Exposure counter is thru LCD panel.

It has an electronic self-timer with 12-second delay. To activate press the self-timer button, press the shutter release button to activate self-timer. Red LED turns ON.

Film speed accepted ranges from ISO 50 to 3200.

Film is automatically loaded, it advances automatically when you close the door and rewinds automatically when you've reached the end of the film, or press the rewind button in front, if you want to rewind the film in the middle of the roll.

The camera has shutter speeds of 1/15-1/500s

Camera is turned on by sliding the door open. Flash is also turned on everytime you slide the door open. If you want the flash off, you have to turn it off everytime you turn the camera on.

Flash is an Integrated flash with four modes: Auto, red eye reduction, fill-in, disabled.

LCD has battery check and frame counter. Battery low when battery is flashing on LCD.

The camera has a tripod mount and it is powered by 3V lithium CR123A.

Upon testing, the camera has a shutter delay. When you half press the shutter button, it focuses first then the lens barrel will just move when you press all the way to focus on subject then fires the shutter.

I will post the results below or in a new post as soon as I have it developed. I'm hoping that I've got a working one and not broken.

good luck. :-)

You may download the manual for this camera, just click here.

My selfie
Roof and an antenna


Indoor laundry
Mother and grandmother

John Gilbert Orito
Teresa, Rizal view from Antipolo
Quarry site in Antipolo City

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