Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How to Make Fruit Cocktail Salad

Fruit cocktail salad is one of the easiest dessert to make; you only need four ingredients to make a simple dessert for your family.

You will need a can of fruit cocktail, condensed milk, macapuno or kaong, and all-purpose cream. Some use heavy cream instead of all-purpose cream and add cheese to cut the sweetness of condensed milk.

First, drain your fruit cocktail (we used 3kg-can of fruit cocktail), drain it thoroughly in a strainer.

Second, mix the fruit cocktail with  the three ingredients; all-purpose cream, two can of condensed milk, and a jar of macapuno or kaong.

If it's too sweet for your taste, don't pour too much condensed milk.

That's it, just refrigerate and serve. Now you have a simple but delicious easy-to-make dessert.

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