Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Verona Homes

Verona homes' houses
Verona Homes' model house, our new house.
Verona Homes is located inside Carissa Homes in Brgy. Dalig, Teresa, Rizal

This is a low cost and low quality house by Carissa Homes Development & Properties, Inc., Casa Regalia, and Bria Homes, Inc. - names indicated on lot title, contract to sell, and Guides and Restrictions, each indicated separately.

This is aquired thru Pagibig Financing after payment of downpayment. Move-in time is somehow fast, but take-out process of loan thru Pagibig is very slow according to a former colleague that also resides in the area. It took a year before her Pigbig take-out loan was fully processed.

Room dividers and wall finishing are not included in the contract. Walls are still rough and have crack lines. According to their unprofessional contractor and the developer's engineer, it is normal for a house to have crack lines so they just ignored it. Maybe their own houses are full of crack lines and don't do anything about it or maybe that's their standard of work.

The repairs they made was, just clear the area with construction materials; repainted the external walls; and replaced the faulty door knob with working one, but poorly attached and can be detached easily.

The septic tank is located at front of the house, also poorly made, and full of crack lines, wide cracks. Their unprofessional contractor repaired it though by adding very thin layer of cement on top, that after a few days crack lines showed up again.
Water is not yet installed, who knows what other broken and unprofessionally made things we might discover.

According to our neighbor, after their water was installed, he then discovered that the pipes under his floor were broken. He reported it to the developer, but it took forever before the developer made an action, so he did it himself.
The house has no electrical wiring from circuit breaker to switches and outlets. According to neighbor, maybe the previous contractor who made the house only put wires that are visible for inspection by developer's engineer, like wires on ceiling lights, but wire tubes inside walls are empty.

If you want a good quality made house, buy a lot-only, and build the house yourself. Not literally yourself, but with your supervision, your own choice of materials used, and people you trust will do the job fine.

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