Sunday, November 1, 2015

Holga 135BC Camera

Mandaluyong holga 135bc
Just got my Holga 135bc, unlike regular Holga camera, this camera takes regular or more widely available and cheaper 35mm film.

It is a toy film camera, made almost entirely of plastic. It has a fixed aperture of about F13, shutter speed about 1/100s and has a bulb mode for long exposure.

It has a 47mm wide plastic lens with 4 focus positions. One person for 1 meter distance, 2 persons for 1.5 to 2 meters distance, many persons for 3 to 10 meters distance, and a mountain for infinity.

BC stands for "Black corner". It has a transparent plastic mask inside that gives a hard vignettes effect on photos.

Multiple exposure is also possible and easy with this camera. Just click and don't advance the film and click again to get a double exposure, or click as many times as you want to get multiple exposures, just make sure that though that you don't overexpose your film.

I have not tested it with film yet, but everything seems to be working fine.

Can't wait to test it and see the results.

for more information about holga cameras, click here.

Red roof - Holga 135bc

Tegola roof - Holga 135bc

Neighbor's roof - Holga 135bc

Door gate - Holga 135bc

Plant pot - Holga 135bc
Yellow house - Holga 135BC
Double exposure - Holga 135BC

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