Sunday, May 12, 2019

How to Find your Precinct and Polling Center online

Required information

This post will guide you on how to find your precinct and polling center on election day, thru online inquiry.

Finding out in advance where to vote on election day could save you time and money, specially for first-time voter.

Polling center is the place where you are assigned to vote, usually, a polling center in Philippines is a school. A precinct is usually the specific room where you can vote.

To verify or find both polling center and precinct, just visit or click here.

For mobile web browser, just scroll down to see the input text box. Just enter your first name, middle name, last name,province, and city/municipality.

After you have entered correctly all required information, the result will show your voter's information which is your complete name; and registration details which is your province, city/municipality, precinct and polling center.

Additionally, a voter's status will be provided, if you're an active voter or not. If you're not an active voter, it means that you can't vote this coming election. You need to register again on next voters registration period.

If you have failed or did not vote for two consecutive regular election, you will be deactivated, and cannot vote on election day.

That's it, that easy. Go out, exercise your right to vote, and vote wisely.

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