Thursday, June 29, 2017

Make Money with Your Car

Uber Car
Make money with your car, be an Uber driver/operator and earn extra income during your spare time or earn more as full-time car driver/operator.
Uber is an American company that operates transport service thru smartphone app called Uber. It operates in 570 cities around the world. Its headquarter is in San Francisco, California, USA. Uber riders have separate app with Uber driver, and Uber Fleet for operators.

To be a driver, driver/operator, or just operator of Uber, there are initial requirements:

For driver/operator - if you're a driver and also owned the vehicle you'll use for Uber; you need to submit OR/CR (official receipt / certificate of registration) of your vehicle, to prove that you own the vehicle; NBI Clearance, to check that you have no criminal record or have clean driving history; and Professional Driver's License because non-professional license is not allowed for commercial use.

For driver - If you have no vehicle yet and you want to earn, Uber will help you find vehicle or an Uber operator. To drive with Uber, you need to submit NBI Clearance, and Professional Driver's License. You may also use rental car in some cities or countries approved by Uber.

For operator only - If you own a vehicle but doesn't want to drive for Uber for some reason, you can still be an Uber operator by submitting the OR/CR (official receipt / certificate of registration) of vehicle; and no need to submit an NBI clearance and professional driver's license. If you have no driver yet, Uber will help you find one.

If OR/CR (official receipt / certificate of registration) of vehicle is not yet available (brand new car), you can submit Sales Invoice and Delivery receipt of the vehicle.

Your earnings will be remitted or deposited to the bank of your choice. As of today, there are 37 supported banks in the Philippines that you can use to remit your money from Uber. Some banks may charge you up to Php200 per deposit. Uber deposits your earning on weekly basis.

Uber collects service fee in certain percent. Since Uber launched cash payments, riders may pay you mostly thru cash and Uber can't immediately collect the fee. So, you need debit card or credit card so Uber can collect the service fee you owe.

Process, driver requirements, and vehicle requirements may vary depending on your city or country's law. To know or learn more, and start earning money, just sign-up here and wait for your account to be activated within 24 hours.

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