Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tatlong Krus (Three cross)

Tatlong Krus

Tatlong Krus or three crosses pilgrimage is a pilgrimage park at the top or peak of mount Humarap, one of the mountains of Sierra Madre.
Tatlon Krus is in Paete, Laguna. Paete is also well-known for wood carving craft.

During holy week, Tatlong Krus is one of favorite destinations of catholic devotees in the area to pray and reflect. From the top, you can view the entire town of Paete and the Laguna Lake.

The place has table and chairs that you can use for picnic if not holy week.

Paete is also famous for its fruit product Lanzones, there are many vendors along the highway selling Lanzones.
Tatlong Krus

The road to the top of the pilgrimage is paved, it is accessible by any vehicle, as long as you can drive it on a stiff road.  You can also walk or hike to the top, a 4km walk, if you can.

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