Sunday, June 7, 2015

Manila Sunset view

Manila Sunset view

Sunset view from Roxas Boulevard, Malate, Manila. It is along Manila bay shore. It is a favorite hang out place of Manileños when hot weather strikes. There are also homeless people sleeping in the area at night.

Manila Yacht Club

You can find Manila Yacht Club along Roxas Boulevard, and American embassy is also in the area.

Roxas Boulevard was formerly known Cavite Bouleverd, then changed as Dewey Boulevard, after the name of an American admiral who defeated the Spaniards in the battle of Manila Bay; and the current name was in honor to the 5th president of the Philippines, Manuel Roxas.
Manila Yacht Club

Cultural Center of the Philippines complex is also located there; CCP complex was built during the time of Ferdinand Marcos.

There are people fishing in the area beside the complex, using traditional or high-end fishing rod. At night,  and there are some bar and restaurants in the area.

There are about 7 hotels in the area facing the beautiful sunset.
Manila Sunset View


  1. Nice pics! I lived in manila for a couple of years & loved every minute of it 😃


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